Recursos Inglés

Aquí encontrareis recursos de inglés que pueden ser útiles para utilizar con vuestros hijos. Con el tiempo esta sección crecerá con enlaces y juegos.


The Snowman-Picture Story


The Snowman Video:


Children Education:


TED talks about education:


Apps for education:


Amazing technique to keep the children quiet:


Link to work on body parts and animals:


English for children resources:


Web para mover y dirigir el ratón, apretar cualquier tecla, click y arrastrar, doble click, flechas de dirección con laberintos, memory, colorear y pintar:


Juegos de “Same and Different”, “Connect the Dots”, “Fuzz Bugs”, “Number Match”,                                “Cup Stacking”, “Make a Face”, “Keyboard Zoo”, “Make a Pizza”, “Make a Snowman”, “Christmas Tree”, “Fun”, “Make an Easter Egg”: (Grade K)


Face creator:


Cat in the hat, Rainbows:


Dr. Seuss games, stories, etc:


Painting Games:


Salad Ninja:


Web sobre “Make your monster”, “Paint”, “George and the Dragon”, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”:


Traffic Rules:


Paint: Baby Animals / Matching: Spring / Create: Animal Farm:


Learn and play with Phonics:


Goldilocks and the Three Bears:


The Rainbow Fish:


Little Red Riding Hood:


Can you make a happy face?


Boom and Reds:


Santa’s Workshop:


One Little Finger:


Sweet Cocoon:


The bridge:


Malaika The Princess:


Do you like broccoli ice-cream?


Do you like spaghetti yogurt?


Do you like lasagna milkshakes?


Do you like pickle pudding?


Days of The Week:


A happy day:




Horton hears a who:


I’m a little leprechaun:


Circassian circle:




Música relajación:


Spring-La Primavera, Vivaldi: